Categories & Criteria

  • ICONS-2A-Green-06

    Urban Connectivity [UC]

    Urban environment such as zoning, transportation networks and loadings

  • ICONS-2A-Green-05

    Site [S]

    Land conservation or remediation and site selection, planning and development.

  • ICONS-2A-Green-08

    Energy [E]

    Energy demand of buildings, energy efficiency and use of fossil energy.

  • ICONS-2A-Green-07

    Water [W]

    Water consumption and its impact on municipal supply and treatment systems.

  • ICONS-2A-Green-02

    Materials [M]

    Material processing, manufacturing, distribution, use/reuse and disposal.

  • ICONS-2A-Green-04

    Indoor Environment [IE]

    Indoor environmental quality such as thermal comfort, air quality, acoustic quality and light quality.

  • ICONS-2A-Green-03

    Cultural & Economic Values

    Cultural conservation and support of the national economy.

  • ICONS-2A-Green-01

    Management & Operations

    Building’s management and operations.

Categories & Criteria With each criterion encompassing a range of sustainability considerations, the weight of each GSAS category is determined by the aggregation of individual weights of criteria belonging to that category.