GSAS-CM Service Provider

GSAS-CM Service Providers are organizations that hold a valid corporate license to engage in the implementation of GSAS Construction Management certification on a project. When applying for GSAS-CM certification, project owners are required to nominate a GSAS-CM Service Provider who then appoints a GSAS-CM Certified Green Professional (GSAS-CM CGP) with a valid license to manage the certification.

CGPs are responsible for preparing a GSAS Construction Management Plan (GSAS-CMP) which serves as a guiding strategy to implement GSAS on site. Upon the approval of the plan from GSAS, GSAS-CM Service Providers continue to assess the project and update them on GSASgate during all three stages of construction that include enabling and foundation stage, sub and superstructure stage and finishing stage.

From activating a project on GSASgate through to the construction phase and final award, GSAS-CM Service Providers have a crucial role in adequately complying to the standards set forth by GSAS framework.

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