GSAS Construction Management
GSAS Construction Management

For ongoing building and infrastructure projects, to evaluate their sustainability impact over the course of construction.

Do you know that even the most sustainably designed projects can leave a heavy toll on the environmental during their construction phase? Noise control, dust suppression and construction waste management on site are some areas that can make a project truly sustainable even before it is ready for occupancy. GSAS Construction Management (GSAS-CM) certification assesses such aspects of the construction processes and on-site practices that have a lasting sustainability impact. It provides a framework to perform measurements in line with normative standards and accepted practices to consider the impacts that projects can mitigate. Some ways GSAS-CM helps projects mitigate their environmental impact during construction is through efficient traffic management within and around the site; energy conservation through energy efficient fixtures and equipment and submetering systems; dust control by water sprays and avoiding uncovered long-term stockpiles, noise and vibration control to minimize the nuisance caused to on-site occupants and occupants of neighboring buildings; mechanisms to ensure land preservation by implementing a proper erosion control plan and protecting the soil and ground water contamination; waste segregation and final disposal; water conservation through separate meters for domestic and non-domestic water use; recycling and reuse of materials; light and visual impact control, construction site’s health and safety measures, and providing favorable conditions at workers facilities such as mass halls, rest areas, site offices and accommodation as needed.

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All projects seeking GSAS Construction Management certification must appoint an authorized GSAS Service Providers that acquire the following:

  • GSAS Service Provider License – Construction Management
  • GSAS-CM CGP License
  • GSAS Energy Assessment Certificate

GSAS Construction Management Certification

  • GSAS Building Sites Scheme

    Building Sites scheme covers districts & neighborhoods, parks, single buildings, healthcare projects, railways stations and sports facilities.

  • GSAS Roads & Highways Scheme

    Roads & Highways scheme covers streets, roads & highways, bridges & tunnels and mass transit projects.

  • GSAS Drainage Scheme

    Drainage scheme covers water supply networks, sewerage & stormwater drainage projects and wastewater treatment plants.