GSAS EcoLeaf
GSAS EcoLeaf

For short-term events sites, such as expos, exhibitions, festivals and fairs throughout the entirety of the project stages, to minimize resource consumption and reduce the environmental impacts.

GSAS EcoLeaf certification follows a prescriptive assessment approach, where specific requirements against each criterion are listed for a project to fulfill. Demonstration of compliance by the project can be in the form of reports, plans, drawings and datasheets, etc. which must provide necessary evidence satisfactory for GSAS Trust to certify the project.

GSAS EcoLeaf certification aims to enhance the sustainability and environmental performance of mega events through integrating sustainability best practices into the planning, design, construction and operations of expos permanent and temporary facilities. It aims to reduce the carbon footprint of such events while also ensuring the wellbeing of users and protecting the environment. Ultimately, this certification provides a unique opportunity for organizers and stakeholders to improve the environmental performance of their event sites, while also promoting sustainable tourism and increasing environmental awareness.

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PROJECT Registration

All projects seeking GSAS EcoLeaf certification must register the project with GSAS Trust using GSASgate and pay the associated fees in order to activate the project account.

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Upon activation of the project account, GSAS-CGP shall start using the facility of GSASgate to upload the required documentation by project team for GSAS assessment and the verification by GSAS Trust.

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ONSITE Practices Auditing

During construction, operations and dismantling, GSAS Trust shall conduct a number of audits. These audit visits shall be conducted on a routine basis wherein time and scope are agreed beforehand with the project.

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Upon successful completion of the activities and demonstration of compliance with the requirements of targeted GSAS criteria, the project shall receive GSAS EcoLeaf Certificate.