Trust Overview

Founded by the Gulf Organisation for Research & Development (GORD), GSAS Trust is a certifying body that recognizes and attests building and infrastructure projects for their excellence in the sustainability milieu.

For more than a decade, GSAS Trust has been helping public and private organizations in their pursuit towards green transformation through its comprehensive suite of services. By providing certification services and technical support needed for the implementation of the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS), we facilitate projects in curbing their carbon footprint linked with design & build, construction management and building operations. Our efforts are rooted in the belief that any project – big or small – can make a difference by choosing sustainable building practices and demonstrating the stewardship needed to influence the market at large.

Over the years, GSAS Trust has successfully registered more than 900 buildings and 50 parks, neighborhoods, districts infrastructure projects, covering a built-up area exceeding 217 million square feet along with more than 1.8 billion square feet of district master planning. And the numbers are continually growing! Visit us, call us or simply drop us an email to find ways your project can positively contribute towards sustainable development through GSAS implementation.

A history of excellence