Trust Roles

Our team of sustainability experts boasts of industry specialists bringing in years of knowledge and experience in the fields of sustainable architecture, engineering and energy efficiency. Organizations across the region approach GSAS Trust to validate and assess their environmental performance through green building certification of their projects.  Right from project planning through to various stages of certification and completion, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that our assessment and feedback are sufficiently insightful for project stakeholders to achieve and improve their green building certification rating.

GSAS Trust manages the certification process from the certification body side and ensure that the project is in line with all GSAS requirements through a systematic approach involving well-defined and robust processes that include Desk Review, Site Audits and Pre-Certification Review.


For each GSAS project, the certification process starts in coordination with the project’s Certified Green Professionals (CGPs). At this stage, all the procedures and requirements of GSAS are highlighted in view of the project’s specificity and target. To ensure completeness and compliance with GSAS requirements, we perform desk review for the submitted documents for each targeted criterion before proceeding to the next stage that involves verification of the evidence claimed for each criterion. We review the project’s data from start to end. To help improve the project’s environmental performance, we guide the concerned professionals on ways forward and encourage them to generate concrete evidence backing the project’s sustainability claims.


True to GSAS framework’s claim of being a performance-based system, we conduct multiple site audits depending on the type of project and the certification sought to ensure that your project certification comes with due diligence needed to authenticate its sustainability achievement. Site audits are undertaken by GSAS Trust to verify compliance with the requirements under each targeted criterion and to review evidence claimed for the criterion. Apart from verification, information obtained from site audits also identify improvement opportunities for projects to enhance their environmental performance.


Before investing in GSAS implementation, project stakeholders have the opportunity to seek the information and get answers to all their questions related to the certification process, management and criteria assessments. Through a series of face-to-face meetings and/or video conferences, sustainability assessors at GSAS Trust address all relevant concerns during tailor-made sessions for pre-certification reviews. All these rigorous exercises are aimed to ensure that your project is certified under a green building system that meets world-class standards of transparency, reliability and credibility.

Our most vital asset is our people.
It is their growth mindset, unhindered commitment and technical competence that brings real value to GSAS Trust.

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Dr. Yousef Alhorr
Founding Chairman - Gulf Organisation for Research & Development