GSAS-D&B Service Provider

GSAS-D&B Service Providers are organizations that hold a valid corporate license to engage in the implementation of GSAS-D&B certification on a project. When applying for GSAS certification, project owners are required to nominate a GSAS-D&B Service Provider who then appoints a GSAS-D&B Certified Green Professional (GSAS-D&B CGP) with a valid license to manage the certification for the LOC stage.

Having received the necessary training in GSAS framework and associated software, GSAS-D&B CGPs register and activate the project on GSASgate™ project certification. From here on, all green credentials along with credible evidence are recorded to support the sustainability assessment of the project’s design deliverables.

Upon completing all desk reviews and sustainability audits, GSAS Trust validates the submittals and awards the final score to the project. From activating a project through to the final award, GSAS-D&B Service Providers have a crucial role in adequately complying to the standards set forth by GSAS framework.

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